Why do you have to be a High Net-worth Individual to invest in the most profitable funds? Why can’t a regular person invest a little cash?

In the past, many opportunities wouldn’t be available to you unless you were investing $200,000 or $500,000.

Historically, financial regulators have said that only high level investors can understand risk. We believe that many of /r/ethereum subscribers are more than qualified to quantify risks in crypto currency and other digital assets. And if they can “risk” just some coffee money, why not let them decide on their own?

Maybe people are responsible for the due diligence themselves if they take on a risky investment.

If someone does not have enough time for that, or lacks the skills, the market offers solutions.

There is so much information out there, especially in the crypto world, that doesn’t make sense to a beginner.

A lot of it is just noise. There are all these competing ideas and products, and everyone’s trying to sell you the latest hot thing. The fundamental of investing is that you should be broadly diversified.

Who has enough free time to learn about 700 crypto currencies enough to actually be picking some and trying to beat the market. Even with those people, about half of them fail. So, for the rest, it’s a terrible proposition to spend our time trying to be active about investing and picking cryptos and ICOs and parsing through all that information.

That is our mission: Simplify investing and make it more accessible and safer to invest in digital assets.

PS: Our ICO starts July 10th, 2017!