On Wednesday, August 9th, at 10.00am UTC, the Digital Developer Funds ICO ends. What happens next?

Where are My Tokens?

You should have received your DDF tokens as soon as you sent funds. Please follow the guides for the most popular wallets on our ICO page.

If you have sent funds and the DDF tokens are not showing up yet, it may be due to synching issues or another delay. You can however verify on our Smart Contract page on Etherscan that you have DDF tokens on your wallet. On https://etherscan.io/address/0xcc4ef9eeaf656ac1a2ab886743e98e97e090ed38#readContract, enter your address in the balanceOf query box in the ReadContract function. This will display your DDF token balance.

Can I Transfer the Tokens?

Yes, they are immediately transferable. Make sure to set the gas limit high enough (200,000 is recommended).

What Exchanges Are You Listed on?

Soon after the ICO, we will be listed on coss.io and Cryptopia. More exchanges will follow.

Please note that if you sell your DDF tokens, you won’t receive dividends in the future. Only the current token holder receives dividends.

How Do I Stay Up-to-date?

In order to receive reports and announcements, please subscribe to our investor newsletter. After the ICO, the newsletter and this website are the only authoritative sources of information.