Ahead of its Initial Coin Offering , DDF is securing strategic partnerships. Today, we are happy to announce that the DDF Tokens will be listed on the Singapore exchange COSS.io right after the ICO ends.

Additionally, DDF Tokens will become available for merchants within the payment gateway at COSS as a payment option allowing customers to acquire goods and services on its digital marketplace.

Rune Evensen, co-founder of COSS,  has stepped on the advisory board of DDF stating that he is looking forward to participate in the partner’s ICO:

“I will also buy into the DDF ICO personally as it is not COSS intentions to be an investment fund (yet), and I don’t want to miss the possibilities this token offers”.

Michael Marcovici, Managing Director of DDF, adds:

“Our mission is to make investing in digital safe, transparent and profitable. COSS is a great fit for this with the one-stop crypto solution.”

The DDF Initial Coin Offering starts on Monday, July 10th, 10:00 UTC. For more details on the ICO, please visit the ICO page.