If you are one of those people who have heard about this “Initial Coin Offering” thing but don’t really have a clue how to go about it, then this article is for you.

What You Are Buying

The DDF token is a “proof of membership” in the Digital Developers Fund, which entitles to quarterly payments of net profits. The DDF tokens are based on Ethereum; Ethereum is a crypto currency which allows tokens like DDF to piggy-back on top of it.

1) Get a Ethereum Wallet

Register on MyEtherWallet.com. There are many Ethereum wallet options, but MyEtherWallet, lovingly abbreviated MEW, is the easiest and has the best support.

Save your  passphrase somewhere super safe. Don’t trust Notepad or anything like that – use paper. Do not loose the paper. With this passphrase, you can restore your wallet not just in MEW, but in any Ethereum wallet.

2) Get Ether

Because the ICO is based on Ethereum, you will need to get Ether first. You can buy Ether on any crypto currency exchange, for example Coinbase, Anycoin.eu, or Bitstamp. Please keep in mind that these exchanges usually perform a complete ID verification before allowing larger payments. Because of the current influx of new users, these verification can take 1-2 weeks.

3) Send Ether to the ICO Address

If you used an exchange to get your Ether  it may be the case that your funds are still in these systems. Let us make this very clear..

Do NOT invest in ICOs from an exchange. You will lose your funds.

Why? The address that sends Ether to the ICO contract address is the same address that will receive the DDF  tokens. You must use your own wallet address to send Ether to the ICO contract address if you want to receive any tokens. For this, we highly recommend MyEtherWallet.

So first, transfer Ether to a MyEtherWallet wallet. Then, transfer Ether to the ICO address listed here.

That’s it! The hard part is over. Now, just wait for a few minutes, or log in and out of your wallet, and you will already see the DDF tokens. We have specific instructions for the most popular wallets on our ICO page.