Thanks to all our supporters, the ICO has so far been a huge behind-the-scenes success.

Our goal was to allow anyone to invest in our fund, even with an investment smaller than one Ether. Until today, with one week to go for the ICO, we have raised over $1 million from nearly 600 participants.

“Almost 600 contributors have now joined us on our quest to make investing in digital assets easier and more transparent. We are thankful to our supports and stay committed to our investors,” said Michael Marcovici, the fund’s Managing Director.

Institutional investors like TAAS and Monkey Capital have also joined the fundraising.

Furthermore, Monkey Capital has entered into an option agreement to acquire a 26% stake of the fund from token holders within 90 days after the end of the ICO, for a premium. When the acquisition goes through, DDF will be rebranded to Monkey Ventures.

The DDF ICO is scheduled to run until August 9th. Don’t miss the chance and join now at